'CSI': Hot as hell

Haroldperrineau_lost_240_001 It's amusing to write this when Chicago is flirting with chilly fall temperatures, but here goes: CSI's Las Vegas is hot. Real hot. We get shots of sketchy-looking people sweating, a beaten bum wandering, a fire-and-brimstone preacher telling us that Las Vegas is Hell. The preacher, by the way, is Harold Perrineau, Michael on Lost. Soon we see a bee drop out of the air, and see the beaten bum drop into a pile of garbage.

Warrick and Catherine come across the body some time later... but it's not what they're looking for. No, they're on their way to a seedy motel next door, the scene of a brutal double murder. Let's blame it on the heat!

Who are you? If you're spoiler-averse, turn away from temptation.

The B-plot served only to introduce Ronny Lake (yes, as in Veronica Lake), the chipper new CSI whose only qualities are being smoking hot and asking hundreds of questions. Let's hope she gets more of a personality soon; in the meantime, she and Sara Sidle are tasked with finding what killed the bum. It was the heat, and after a side trip where he may have been beaten by cops (but wasn't), it turns out to still have been the heat. Nice crack, though, that Ronny was offered spots in New York and Miami but chose Vegas.

The A-plot was really good, even for a show where that tends to be the norm. The double murder from earlier was a husband and wife; he was shot and she was beaten. Due to the seediness of the hotel, just about every print is from someone of dubious lawfulness. Oh, but one of the prints is from a pedophile, and there's evidence of recent sex on the bed. The DNA is from the couple, so it's got to be a daughter. Oh, and the pedophile whose print was found? Alistair Rhodes, the Lostie preacher we met earlier. Alistair's reformed, see, but Brass doesn't buy it.

Georgeeads_csi_240 Warrick and Nick find the couples' home, and a girl dead in bed. Well, so much for the daughter angle. But wait, Grissom and Greg hear a strange buzzing, which leads them to a hidden attic room. Yep, there's another daughter running around, but even more exciting for Grissom (who seems here to have lost his extreme protectivity toward children in peril) is the discovery of a huge beehive living in the wall. He takes the queen and workers back to the lab to study colony collapse disorder, the real-life recent disappearance or deaths of huge bee colonies.

Let's cut to the chase: Rhodes was asked to exorcize the missing daughter, who was something of a wild child. Dad interrupted, and Rhodes and the parents left. The daughter -- Amy -- called over her boyfriend; they had sex; Amy called her parents and then killed them when they came back to the hotel. She's crazy. Let's put her in a cell with Natalie Dell!

But no, Amy's been released to Child Protective Services, and that's where Alistair finds her. Just as the cops arrive to arrest Amy, Alistair throws her from a third-floor balcony. He never got to finish the exorcism, but this apparently works just as well. At the end, Grissom finds a dead bee near Amy's body.

What do you think of Ronny so far? Should Sara have been training someone older and wiser? Isn't it a shame Hodges hates going into the field? And what's with the bees?