Curlgar or Milfimpian: Cheryl Bernard leaves Winter Olympics with new nickname

crystal-bernard-curlgar.jpgHonestly, while curling has become a fascinating to hundreds of thousands of people every four years when the Winter Olympics roll around, it's not something most of us think about any other time. At least, The Dish Rag doesn't.

So we're pleased to see that ESPN's Bill Simmons has taken 2010's Olympic curling events as an opportunity to coin a new word in regards to the skip for the Canadian women's curling team, Cheryl Bernard.

It remains to be seen if that word is "curlgar" (a combination of "curling" and "cougar") or "Milfimpian" ("M.I.L.F" meets "Olympian"), but we think the former is a stronger contender and is easier to spell.

Although, a couple of responders to Simmons Twitter query have also suggested "Olympimilf," which also has a certain ring to it.