CW Seed's 'L.A. Rangers': 'Hart of Dixie' star Wilson Bethel's new series debuts promo, poster

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wilson-bethel-la-rangers.jpg If you can't get enough of Wilson Bethel on "Hart of Dixie," then here's some good news for you: His new CW Seed series "L.A. Rangers" is set to debut on March 26.

After the success of his first web series "Stupid Hype" on The CW's digital platform, Bethel is at it again, this time focusing on his love of film. Bethel and his writing/producing partner Dugan O'Neal star in the new series as two aspiring filmmakers working a day job as park rangers in LA. They dream of being "the next Martin Scorceses," but that goal might be a little out of their reach.

The series will follow them as they use their imaginations to transport themselves out of their boring lives and into different movies/genres each installment focuses on like Westerns, sci-fi, Quentin Tarantino, etc. "L.A. Rangers" will be seven episodes, each about 10 minutes long.

Check out the poster for the series below, first debuted on THR:

la-rangers-poster.jpg"L.A. Rangers" also rolled out its first promo, which you can watch below:

Photo/Video credit: The CW