'Daily Show': Watch Jon Stewart skewer CNN's coverage of itself in the 'Circle of News'

Watch Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" skewer the "Circle of News," where he lambasts the way CNN covers its own coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.

"The only place they haven't looked for the plane, as far as I can see, is up their own a**holes," says Stewart, before showing a clip of CNN doing a story about Martin Savidge doing a story about the missing plane.

Is it about Savidge helping the search and rescue efforts? Has he maybe been injured in his efforts to help find the plane? No. He's been "sitting in a flight simulator in Canada," and apparently social media has become quite taken with him.

Stewart calls it "'The Search for the Fake Twitter Feed of the Real Guy Fake-Searching for the Real Plane,' a CNN exclusive CNN report." Hee.
Photo/Video credit: Comedy Central