Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning look grown-up in new ad campaign - photos

Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning aren't little girls anymore. The sisters and actresses show their newly mature side in an ad campaign for the South Korean jewelry brand, J.Estina. It's a nice reminder that not all child stars disintegrate at the end of their teen years.

The two Fanning sisters appear in the ads for the company's fall collection wearing sophisticated but simple outfits, classy up-dos and conservative jewelry. Despite their young faces -- Dakota is 19 while Elle is only 15 -- the look would work equally well for women decades older.

dakota-fanning-elle-fanning-ad-j-estina-2.jpgSomehow, this maturity comes off as refreshing. At a time when it seems like child and teen stars are exploding into immature self-destruction, the Fannings are known for being unremarkable outside of their careers. While this ad campaign is hardly the first for the sisters (who have modeled for Marc Jacobs and Radarte), it is one that could carry them well into adulthood.

dakota-fanning-elle-fanning-ad-j-estina-1.jpgTwo of the most successful child actresses of recent years, both Fanning girls have spent much of their lives on camera. Dakota got her first credit as a child on "ER" back in 2000 and soon rose to prominence with notable roles in "I Am Sam," "Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat" and "The War of the Worlds." More recently, Dakota played the vampire Jane in the "Twilight" films. Younger sister Elle got her film debut playing a younger version of her sister in "I Am Sam" when she was only three years old. Recent roles in films like "We Bought a Zoo" and "Super 8" have brought her more prominence.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, J.Estina