'Dallas' holiday gift guide: Clothes can make the Ewing-fan man ... or woman

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Those who put "Dallas" on the air in its original 1978-91 CBS incarnation were quite savvy, since the title location has its own storied history.

Now that the war between the Ewings has been revived in the TNT update that returns for its third season Monday (Feb. 24), plenty of gifts are available for those who want to honor the show or the city. Or both. 

Gifts Under $25

"Dallas" glass ($9.95): For proving you can hold your own drink against the best wheeler-dealers, this item displays the logo of the show that might have taught you how. 

Texas belt buckle ($14.95): It might be a bit showy for a Ewing, but for anyone who wants to display state loyalty, here's one way to do it.

"Dallas" T-shirt ($24.95): The new generation of Ewing-family rivals is captured by the presence of Christopher ( Jesse Metcalfe) and John Ross ( Josh Henderson) on this garment.

Gifts Under $50

Dallas Cowboys Football Sweatshirt ($39.99): The city's population certainly loves its sports teams, so here's a great way to fit right in. Unless, of course, one is wearing it in another city that also loves its sports teams.

Vintage Oil Can Collection ($28): Hey, why not? After all, what is the most precious commodity -- other than relationship fidelity -- on "Dallas"? At the very least, these relics would be great conversation starters.

Gifts Under $100

Bourbon whiskey ($61,98): Southfork is known to have a well-stocked liquor cabinet, though it's sometimes to the detriment of its residents ... but this particular brand has "generations of southern tradition" going for it.

Stetson hat ($88): Well, of course. J.R. Ewing ( Larry Hagman) may be gone now, but as a tribute to him -- or simply to be stylin', Dallas-style -- this absolutely will do the trick.

Gifts Over $100

Mounted Longhorn Steer Horns ($140): Want to give your home or office an authentic Texas signature? Just pop these up on the wall.

"Dallas: The Complete Collection" DVD set ($279.99): For those who only have heard about the original series, this set of its 14 seasons plus the spinoff movies is the perfect catch-up round ... though binge-watching them may pose a Texas-sized challenge.
Photo/Video credit: TNT/NFL