'Dallas': The family that bathes together stays together

dallas-shower-tnt.jpgAt the time, the "Dallas" dream season was considered the standard by which all other TV "shark jumping" was to be measured (outside of the original "Happy Days" episode, of course). Well, to promote the TNT reboot of the series, they're bringing the fabled Bobby Ewing ( Patrick Duffy) shower scene back and everyone is coming with him.

The campaign, which reads "They're back. And no, you're not dreaming," features the full cast, dressed in bath towels, standing in a shower the size of Texas. Perhaps the most odd part of the whole matter, outside of one group shower among family members, is that J.R. Ewing ( Larry Hagman) stands awkwardly with his cowboy hat still on. Also, did someone paint Josh Henderson's abs or are they naturally marked that way?

The whole poster got us thinking about some other famed scenes of group semi-nudity, towels and general weirdness through the years.

Which one is your favorite?

top-gun-locker-room-paramount.jpg"TOP GUN"

blues-brothers-1980-john-belushi-steve-lawrence-dan-aykroyd-pic-4.jpg"THE BLUES BROTHERS"

simpsons-couch-fox.jpg"THE SIMPSONS"

orleans-elektra.jpgORLEANS "WALKING AND DREAMING" (record album)

Photo/Video credit: Elektra, TNT, Paramount, FOX