'Dance Moms' finale: A slap-fight at Nationals sends 3 girls home

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dance-moms-season-3-finale.jpgThe Sesaon 3 finale of "Dance Moms," which saw the team travel to Nationals in New Orleans, showed off what is maybe the most deplorable behavior we've ever seen on this show (and that is saying something).

During a "fun" night out in the French Quarter, Christi (mom to Chloe) and Leslie (mom to Payton) get into an honest-to-God slap-fight on the street. There are drinks knocked out of hands, there are fists and hair flying. Two cameramen had to separate them.

When Abby Lee learns of this despicable behavior from Asia's mom Kristie -- who is just up and quitting after the slap-fight, since Asia wants out of competitive dance anyway -- she sends Christi and Leslie home, daughters included:

"You succeeded in driving yet another dancer away from the Abby Lee Dance Company. ... To say the least, it was unsportsman-like behavior. Christie, you're out. Chloe is gone for this week. Leslie, you have to take Payton home. You're gone. ... I would rather take a loss at the national competition than to let these two women stay one more day. And now I am down three dancers with 24 hours to go before Nationals."

But the Abby Lee Dance Company didn't let that bring them down. They went on to take first (Maddie) and second place (Kendall) in the junior solo competition, then the ALDC takes home the top prize for their group dance, which was a slow contemporary number dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

After the competition, Abby Lee says she doesn't know what is coming, since her mother is not in good health. But we suspect she'll be back.

What did you think, "Dance Moms" fans? Are you excited for when the show returns? What will the team look like moving forward?
Photo/Video credit: Lifetime