'Dance Moms' look-alikes: Fantasy casting for 'Dance Moms: The Movie'

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abby-patrika-lifetime-getty-2.jpgWith the Season 2 finale (April 3) of "Dance Moms" and the premiere of the spinoff "Dance Moms: Miami" upon us, Zap2it's started dreaming of even bigger and better things for Abby Lee Miller and her posse of moms and their daughters -- like our fantasy casting for (the completely fictional) "Dance Moms: The Movie" (minus the girls, who will all play themselves -- this is what Abby's been training them for!), starting with Abby Lee as played by actress Patrika Darbo, who most recently guest-starred on "The Middle."

Check out the rest of our picks below.

Kelly played by Kate Gosselin

But it has to be short-haired Kate Gosselin. Kelly may be up for implants, but she would never rock a bad weave.

Melissa played by Courtney Thorne-Smith

They both know how to work a side-swept bang.

Holly played by Michelle Obama

Because the likelihood of the First Lady playing a reality star in a film is about as likely as this movie actually happening.

Christi played by Debbie Gibson

Films seem like a logical next step for Debbie after "The Celebrity Apprentice."

Cathy from Candy Apple's Dance Center played by the Evil Queen from "Snow White"

Because she just won't give up on the apples bit, and every good (and bad) film needs a villain.

Who would you cast?

Photo/Video credit: Lifetime and Getty Images