'Dance Moms': Maddie lands spot on 'Drop Dead Diva' and Jill keeps spot on Abby Lee Miller's hit list

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jill-abby-lee-miller-dance-moms-lifetime.jpgOn Tuesday's (July 24) "Dance Moms" on Lifetime, Kendall's mom Jill storms back into Abby Lee Miller's studio and everyone's heart. And she's blond!

"I guess Candy Apples just didn't give Jill what she wanted," Chloe's mom Christi says.

Abby's response is a little more sensible: "You are off your rocker!"

While Abby doesn't allow Kendall's photo to be added to this week's pyramid (her mother made her bring her own pyramid photo from home) and she does throw Jill out of the rehearsal space, she surprisingly doesn't toss Kendall to the curb ... yet.

Another surprise: In addition to Maddie getting a solo this week (duh), Abby gives solos to Nia and Paige too -- even despite Paige's mom's Kelly changing Abby's choreography the last time Paige had a solo.

"I don't want any other mommy-ography in my numbers," Abby says. "Paige needs to learn to do what she was given."

Nia, meanwhile, will be resurrecting Laqueefa and her infamous "death drop" during a routine titled, "Working Girl."

For this week's group routine, the girls channel their inner Bella Swan for a vampire routine -- with a boy (squeeee! Unless you're Mackenzie, in which case, "Boys are icky.").

But before the girls can get caught up in their Edward Cullen fantasies, the "Drop Dead Diva" casting director calls to tell Abby and the gang that -- surprise, surprise -- Maddie has been cast in the role of young Deb.

deb-drop-dead-diva-maddie-dance-moms-lifetime.jpg Deb from "Drop Dead Diva" and non-blond Maddie

"She did a great, great reading. Her dancing is beautiful," the casting director tells Abby of her protege.

But some of the moms aren't really buying that it's Maddie's reading and dancing that got her the part.

"Isn't it funny how they wanted a blond and Maddie was the only one that auditioned that wasn't a blond?" Kelly says.

chloe-paige-dance-moms-lifetime.jpg Blondies Chloe and Paige

"Maddie was slated for that part before she ever opened her mouth," Chloe's mom Christi adds.
Maddie keeps it humble, though, and the girls and their moms congratulate her on the part. But that's not good enough for Abby, who later calls the group together to reprimand them for not congratulating Maddie enough.

"I don't know if everybody was truly happy that Maddie got the role," Abby tells the girls and their moms.

And then, as if that's not enough, Abby also has Maddie bring in every crown she's ever won to show them to the other dancers.

abby-lee-miller-maddie-dance-moms-lifetime.jpg #winning

"I didn't want to show all the crowns to the girls, but I followed the rules and I did it," Maddie says.

Even in spite of all of the drama over Jill's reemergence and Maddie's spot on "Drop Dead Diva," the gals really pull it out for the competition with Nia, Paige and Maddie all placing in the top 10 with their solos, which would seemingly bode well for them landing a place in the group routine that Abby's decided to trim down.

In an effort to impress Abby, Paige attempts a standing back tuck in the dressing room -- but hurts her foot by coming down hard on the cement floor. So she's out of the group routine, and then inexplicably, Abby tells Nia she's also out. Kendall doesn't make the cut either -- possibly because her mom put a bow in her hair (how dare she!).

Maddie, Brooke and Chloe dance with vampire Nick to victory, winning first place for the routine.

"You people all suck! Everyone of you!" Jill shouts in the dressing room. "This is gonna cost me a lot of money in therapy!"

But, of course, that doesn't stop her from coming back next week to feast on the blood of the wounded Paige, whose foot is broken.

"It's a cruel world," Jill says, laughing maniacally. "Maybe now is there a spot for Kendall."

Do you really think there's a spot for Kendall in the Abby Lee Dance Company? Did the "Drop Dead Diva" casting director pick the right girl to play young Deb?
Photo/Video credit: Lifetime