'Dancing With the Stars: All Stars?' Mario Lopez says it's happening

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mario-lopez-dancing-with-the-stars-all-stars-live-with-kelly.jpgAn All Stars season of "Dancing With the Stars?" It may happen, and former 2006 contestant Mario Lopez might have let the news slip a little early when he was co-hosting on "Live with Kelly."

Lopez was talking about Gladys Knight being kicked off this season of "DWTS," saying he couldn't believe she was off the show. "I thought she was doing amazing!" He then said, "You know what Kelly? They're doing a "Dancing With the Stars: All Stars" this next season. They called me to do it."

He isn't the only one who wants to come back and dance again. "I haven't danced ballroom since I left . . . I would love to [return]," host Brooke Burke-Charvet said recently. "And being on the show, it just makes me want to dance again."

So we want to know who you would want to see in an All Stars season. There is no confirmation from ABC, but it certainly seems like a logical move. Give us your picks below.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images