'Dancing With the Stars': Brooke Burke embroiled in lawsuit

brooke-burke-david-charvet.jpg "Dancing With the Stars" co-host Brooke Burke and her boyfriend, former "Baywatch" actor David Charvet, are caught up in a lawsuit claiming they knowingly bought stolen merchandise from a high-end L.A. store.

Burke was deposed in the case in late May, and snippets of her videotaped testimony have turned up on RadarOnline. In the brief excerpt that was leaked, she appears rather annoyed with the plaintiff's attorney who's questioning her; other than making her look testy, there's not much there.

The lawsuit was filed by EuroConcepts, which sells expensive kitchen and bath fixtures, against an employee of the company's L.A. showroom, Zalfa "Zee" Halaby, Burke, Charvet and numerous other people. It alleges that Halaby sold items from EuroConcepts to Burke and Charvet at a deep discount, then pocketed the money for herself.