'Dancing With the Stars': Chaz Bono slowed by injury, trails in Week 2

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Injuries have been a part of just about every season of "Dancing With the Stars," and it looks like this season won't be any different.

Chaz Bono was limited in rehearsals this week with knee problems, and it clearly affected the quickstep he did with Lacey Schwimmer in Monday's (Sept. 26). Even to our unprofessional eyes, it looked a little bit slower than it should be, and the judges agreed.

Bono ended up with a score of 17, which is the same as he received last week. But the majority of his fellow competitors improved on their scores from last week, so 17 meant he was at the bottom of the rankings.

What do you think of Chaz's performance this week? Does he have enough goodwill to stay in the competition?

Photo/Video credit: ABC