'Dancing With the Stars': Gladys says she lost 60 lbs on the show

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dancing-with-the-stars-gladys-knight-tristan-macmanus-eliminated"DWTS" lost its most beloved member today. Gladys Knight is the latest star to be voted off the show. She lost the dance off against Roshon Fegan. Everyone in the cast has expressed their love for her every week and instead of a final dance, the show ended in a group hug. We got to chat with Gladys after the show about what she'll remember most and what the show has changed for her.

First off, we asked about the changes in her body. She says she started eating healthy before "DWTS," and tells us, "From when I first started, 60 pounds." When asked about how she'll maintain it, she laughs, "I'm going to keep Tristan, He can come over and work me out."

We asked if they had a feeling about the results going into it. Knight says, "Well we are not naive. We know the game and we know what kind of ballpark we are operating in and all those things, but we can't  give into the negative, because that can keep you from going as far as you can go. But you have to be prepared in some way for whatever. That was the last thing I said on the tape, whatever. We will do our best and that's it."

Knight says she enjoyed her experience. "Well first of all the family and friends I have made. The knowledge that I have obtained, not just about dancing but in getting to know different personalities and how they operate and how they carry themselves. How they operate under pressure, there are so many life lessons here." We'll miss you, Gladys!
Photo/Video credit: ABC