'Dancing With the Stars': Jaleel White and Kym Johnson fight creates nickname 'Jerkel'

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Jaleel-White-Jerkel-nickname.jpg "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Jaleel White and Kym Johnson, his pro partner allegedly had a fight during dance rehearsals. Though White and Johnson have denied it was anything big, social media is all abuzz with the news. That and the alleged domestic issues White has had with the mother of his children.

All of this has resulted in a new nickname, "Jerkel," which is a play on his "Family Matters" character Steve Urkel. According to People, White isn't paying attention to any of this.

"I didn't even know [about the nickname]," he says. "I've stayed offline. I don't think that's what people are saying. That's what certain websites or comments boards are coming up with for fodder, and it will pass."

He also talks about  "The toughest thing about the show is having a camera on you five hours a day, capturing your every move, except going to the bathroom," he says. "I ask anybody to imagine how you'd feel learning something you've never done and have to present to the whole country."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images