'Dancing With the Stars': Melissa Gilbert fights with Maks, but not in public

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melissa-gilbert.jpg "Dancing With the Stars" returned for it's second week, and continued to give us some of the best dances we've ever seen. We got a chance to chat with Melissa Gilbert, who had a big improvement. She's partnered with Maksim Chemkovskiy, who is known for having a bit of a temper. We asked Gilbert about dealing with him.

"We are outspoken with one another privately," she said. "We don't share that with the public. That's the difference. He can say anything he wants to me when the microphones are off. And so can I. But as soon as they're on, we act like professionals." Wow, that's rather different from former partners of his.

Gilbert says that Maks can't be a diva with her. "We do butt heads, but that ends in us agreeing to disagree and moving on, or not. And I'll tell you, his professionalism and his need for perfection pushes me in a way I never thought I'd be pushed. That's why I wanted him to be my partner. That's why I was hoping that I would get him. And he's made me a better dancer already and it's week two."

She says it's not about "handling Maks."It's about not taking things personally. When he tells me that I'm dancing like an old lady, like someone's grandma, it's not because I literally look like someone's old grandma or a mean thing. He wants me to stand up straighter. To bring a little more vitality to it. It's not personal."

Gilbert revealed that her next dance will center around something she's never fully discussed publicly if she makes it to personal story week. What did you think of her work? Let us know below.
Photo/Video credit: ABC