'Dancing With The Stars' recap: Sob Story

kirstie-alley-maks-fall-interview.jpgThe theme this week is telling a story through dance. I always have a problem with this theme week, because shouldn't every dance tell a story in a way? Or at least the best ones? Although this one does seem a bit different because it's about telling a personal story, as opposed to acting a part. So anyway, stories. They're telling some.

Tom and Brooke welcome us. Brooke's boobs look bigger. Is she pregnant again? Calling it. She's knocked up. I think I see a bump. Either that, or she overdid it with the pasta at dinner. You know, if Kendra feels masculine, she should stand next to Wendy Williams for a while. I bet Tony feels feminine standing next to her.

Tom explains that there are a lot of different dance styles tonight, so the troupe is back to show us what they should look like. I love this. I mean, I don't really need this, because after recapping this show for many seasons, I know what a paso doble should look like, although I wouldn't mind hearing judges' commentary about what they are looking for. That would be helpful. They also demonstrate the rumba and the samba. Nice job, everyone.

The first dancer this week is Wendy Williams. She did terribly the first week and improved a bit the second week. So now Tony is trying to help her figure out how to make this week's dance personal. Wendy talks about how she got started in radio, and she was commuting between DC and NYC and slept in her car. Tony thinks it took a lot of strength. So somehow this is going to translate into a foxtrot.