'Dancing With the Stars': Roshon Fegan on Britney Spears showing up to see him

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Roshon-Fegan.jpg "Dancing With the Stars" week 2 started off with some amazing performances. Roshon Fegan tied with Katherine Jenkins for the top spot with 26 points. Though he didn't have a music superstar in the audience this week, last week Britney Spears showed up to cheer him on. We got a chance to chat with Fegan backstage at the show, where he gave us a look at how much it meant to him.

"It was Britney Spears and it was unbelievable," he says. "That was a crazy experience, just to have her looking at me out there, she could've been watching it on TV and that would've been good enough, but she was actually there. It was a dream come true as she is such an idol and an amazing performer and entertainer, I was just blown away."

We asked about why she was there. "Her fiancé it is a great friend of mine and a great fan of mine and has worked with me on some music stuff in the past, so he was like I am going to bring my fiancée. I was like that's cool, he forgot to mention that it was Britney Spears."

Wow! That is some surprise guest! What did you think of Fegan's performance tonight? Let us know below.
Photo/Video credit: ABC