'Dancing With the Stars': William Levy injury caused a 'hard hard weekend'

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william-levy-cheryl-burke-dancing-with-the-stars-william-levy-injuredCuban sex symbol William Levy injured his ankle during rehearsals for "DWTS" before the Week 4 competition. That certainly didn't stop him from rocking the house during Latin Week with partner Cheryl Burke. We chatted with Levy and Burke backstage after their performance and learned how difficult dancing with an injury has been.

Burke tells us, "Basically. I had the worst 48 hours. It was a hard, hard, hard weekend." Levy says, "I told her I didn't think we were going to be able to dance ... when I went to rehearsal with her yesterday, I felt like it was probably going to be very bad today. And I was like, "I should let people what's going on before the show. But then today I had the MRI and it showed I tore a ligament. I'm supposed to rest but we gotta do what we gotta do here."

Like fellow injured dancers Melissa Gilbert (concussion, whiplash) and Maria Menounos (broken ribs, foot fracture), Levy is dancing on. "The doctor said I should rest for probably two weeks, but he also said I'll probably recover pretty fast. So hopefully that happens, you know? He said I really have to put a lot of tape on my ankle so it won't move so much."

We asked him if he felt it during the dance. "Well I took a lot of pills for the pain before I went out and danced, so I didn't feel anything!" He says that if the doctor had been a little more stern, he might have listened to him. "I would have accepted that, if he told me something worse was going to happen in the future. I always see everything in a positive way. Everything happens for a reason. So hopefully I'll be here for as long as people want us to be here, hopefully to the end!"

Photo/Video credit: ABC