'Dancing With the Stars' William Levy nude underwear pictures for N2N Bodywear

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william-levy-pouch-brief.jpg William Levy, who has burst onto U.S. television sets by appearing on this spring's "Dancing With the Stars," where he practically sets the dance floor aflame with his telenovela good looks, has apparently never been shy about showing off ... well, anything.

Levy appeared in an ad campaign for N2N Bodywear, a men's swimwear, underwear and erotic wear clothing line, where he modeled various articles of clothing, including some pieces of underwear that are entirely see-through (one edited picture is below, you can see the full monty here - warning: NSFW.).

It's kind of hilarious that N2N calls them "pouch briefs." We aren't sure why, but that keeps making us giggle. Anyway, so ... yeah. Congratulations to William Levy.


Photo/Video credit: N2N