'Dancing With the Stars': William Levy's cha-cha impresses the judges

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For the "Dancing With the Stars" finale, William Levy and partner Cheryl Burke took on a cha-cha and a freestyle dance. The cha-cha was (naturally) right up Levy's alley - he's been much stronger on Latin dances than strict ballroom all season.

The judges love his cha-cha - Len calls it "as good as [he's] ever seen in 14 seasons." Bruno calls him an "intoxicating human cocktail," which is very Bruno of him. The scores reflect the judges' enthusiasm - William gets a 30.

For the freestyle, we're on the same page as Len. While the other two judges are exclaiming over how good it is, Len remarks that it was too predictable and that he "didn't want to see a salsa with lifts." Agreed.

Levy gets a 29 for a total of 59 out of 60. Do you think he's going to win, "DWTS" fans?

Photo/Video credit: ABC