Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint aren't BFFs in real life

daniel_radcliffe_emma_watson_rupert_grint_getty.jpgHarry Potter and Ron Weasley played best friends at Hogwarts, frequently saving each other from terrible danger. But it turns out in real life that Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint don't have that same sort of relationship.

Radcliffe tells the Sunday Mirror, "There's this idea that Emma (Watson), Rupert and myself are the best of friends who always hang out together...Emma and I text all the time but Rupert and I never text each other, we never see each other."

Radcliffe adds that even when he does see Grint, the two big screen wizards have little to discuss.

"If I see him every six months or so, it's a friendly 'hello, how's things with you' but that's about it," Radcliffe says.

What are the chances that this rift in their relationship is really something engineered by Voldermort?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images