Danny McBride, Gia Ruiz expecting first child; Expected to be 'a marathon runner or a porn star'

danny-mcbride-gi.jpgAs "Eastbound & Down" fans, we are simultaneously entertained and horrified by the idea of a Kenny Powers offspring in Season 3 of the HBO series. We are thrilled, however, to hear that Danny McBride is expecting a little one in real life as well.

The "Your Highness" star appeared on Wednesday's (Apr. 6) "Conan," and dropped the news that he and wife Gia Ruiz are expecting their first child.

"I got married last October. I wasted zero time -- three months later I knocked my wife up," he jokes. "I had never impregnated anyone before, so I didn't realize what they teach you in health class is actually true -- that's all it takes. It's amazing."

We hope the baby is prepared for a lifetime of jokes at his (or her) expense. The 34-year-old comedian is already commenting on... well, a certain appendage of his unborn child.

"We've been told it's either a three-legged girl or a very well-hung boy," McBride says. "We either have a marathon runner or a porn star."

Good for him.  
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images