'Dark Shadows' trailer: Johnny Depp's a vampire in a strange land

dark-shadows-youtube.jpgJust when you think the vampire movie trend has reached its saturation point, one more comes along. And this one features Johnny Depp and his frequent collaborator Tim Burton.

In a new trailer for their upcoming film "Dark Shadows," we see Depp taking on the role of Barnabas Collins, a vampire who is unleashed on 1972. In addition to Depp, the film features Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer and, of course, Burton's wife Helena Bonham-Carter. It's based on an ABC daytime soap that ran from 1966-71.

This is the eighth time that Depp and Burton have worked together. They first partnered up in the 1990 movie "Edward Scissorhands." "Dark Shadows" is slated for a May 11 release.

Here's the preview...

Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros, YouTube