Darth Vader burger: Would you like some Jar Jar Binks fries with that?

darth-vader-burger.jpgFrench fast food chain Quick has come up with a quirky culinary tribute to celebrate the release of "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D": A burger with black hamburger buns called, you guessed it, the Darth Vador Burger.

This accomplishment of food dye technology houses what looks a lot like a Big Mac (completely with that secret special sauce, aka Thousand Island dressing) between its ebony bread. But if it's still too much for you to stomach, you can opt for the more normal looking (yet still slightly on the red side) Darth Maul-inspired Dark Burger or the we-hope-those-are-potatoes-or-onions-and-not-marshmallows-topped Jedi Burger.

dark-jedi-burgers.jpgQuick has had a variety of attention-grabbing campaigns in the past. As a Christmas present to its customers in 2010, it served up the Supreme Foie Gras. The duck foie gras-topped delicacy was available for the low, low price of 5 Euros (roughly $6.50).

The "Star Wars" burgers are only available between Jan. 31 and March 1 but only in France, so book your flight now.
Photo/Video credit: Quick