David Beckham falls, takes clothes off, is best ambassador to China ever

David Beckham just wrapped up a five-day tour of China as an ambassador to the world of football -- or, as we Americans call it, soccer. Beckham, whose latest foray into the sport is with the Paris-St. Germain team in France, was summoned by the China Football Association to make the rounds as its first international ambassador.

Becks went above and beyond the call of duty on this trip, because on Day 4 he truly gave himself to the cause. Donning dapper duds rather than a jersey and shin guards, the soccer star aimed to show off his signature free kick for the Wuhan Zall Football Club, in Wuzan, China. Problem is, dress shoes don't have quite the same traction as soccer cleats and Beckham went airborne.

Here, you have a montage of the glorious slip and fall:

david-beckham-falls-china-slip-gi.jpg david-beckham-falls-china-arm-down-gi.jpg david-beckham-falls-china-ground-gi.jpg
Luckily, Becks was a good sport and laughed off the fall with amused onlookers. Then on Day 5, he got over-the-top ambassador-y and lifted up his shirt for fans at Peking University in Beijing -- you know, to display his international tattoo. Way to take one for the team, Mr. Beckham.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images