David Beckham strips down -- and covers up -- in H&M's new Fall 2013 campaign


No one looks as good in boxer briefs as David Beckham ... but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. The retired soccer player/father of four is at it again, modeling some seriously tight undies for H&M's upcoming Fall 2013 campaign for the David Beckham Bodywear Collection.

On Monday (August 19), H&M released three behind-the-scenes photos from Beckham's steamy shoot. In each one, the 38-year-old strips down more and more until he's left in just a skimpy pair of maroon skivvies -- and we are certainly not complaining. The guy knows how to rock form-fitting undies.

Don't believe us? Scroll down to see Beckham's increasingly stripped down photos for yourself:



Photo/Video credit: H&M