David Beckham's 5 greatest PR stunts: Harry Styles crotch grab, photobombs, and public nudity

David Beckham has joined the Paris-Saint Germain soccer team, and announced he will donate his entire five-month salary to a local children's charity. Becks and his wife, fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, have a history of philanthropy toward children, but some still call the Paris move a PR stunt. If it is, it's one of the greatest kinds of PR stunts -- the kind where no one loses. 

Here are 5 more win-win publicity stunts involving Becks, and who benefited most:

david-beckham-outdoor-underwear-campaign-hm.jpgDavid was just innocently shooting an ad campaign promoting his H&M underwear line on a public street in Beverly Hills when a tour bus full of snap-happy celeb spotters randomly happened upon him, half-naked in the bushes. The photos went viral on the web forthwith.

WINNERS: Beckham's underwear profits, the tour bus company, happy tourists, people with Internet access

H&M also  erected 10-foot statues of an underwear-clad Beckham in major cities across the U.S. and launched a corresponding photo contest. As one might imagine, many felt compelled to molest the well-endowed figures and capture the moment on camera for all of Twitter to see. 

To be fair, the crotch-grabbers were simply following in the footsteps of Harry Styles, whose friend Nick Grimshaw tweeted the photo below on Valentine's Day (along with an apology to Victoria in the caption).

WINNERS: Beckham's underwear profits, H&M shopping spree recipients, Styles/Beckham crossover fans

As part of an Adidas campaign to promote the 2012 British Olympic Team, Becks photobombed sports fans who thought they were simply posing for a promotional photo booth. Adidas got plenty of air time with the video footage depicting fans' reactions that ranged from happy shock to uncontrollable sobbing.

WINNERS: Adidas' image, Team Great Britain, unsuspecting sports fans

In yet another move on behalf of Becks' underwear line, H&M projected gigantic images of David in his tighty-whities across the famed White Cliffs of Dover, the legendary landmark on the English Channel.

WINNERS: Beckham's underwear profits, British tourism, people within eyesight of Dover

An Italian TV host donned rubber gloves to publicly cop a feel of David's crotch in attempt to prove or disprove Victoria's claims that her husband needed no stuffing for his eye-popping Armani underwear ads.

WINNERS: Uh ... No comment
Photo/Video credit: H&M / Twitter / YouTube