David Spade and Jon Stewart reminisce about stand-up, opening for Dennis Miller and working casino gigs

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David Spade is debuting a new stand-up special on Comedy Central Sunday (May 4) called "My Fake Problems," which is his first stand-up special since the 1998 HBO hour-long set "Take the Hit." Thursday (May 1) Spade stopped by "The Daily Show" to promote his new special and general hilarity ensued.

Spade and Stewart reminisce about opening for Dennis Miller in Atlanta and how he made fun of Spade for inviting him out to a strip club, plus they talk about working crappy gigs in casinos where they would get free cafeteria meals and get paid in gambling chips. Hee.

"David Spade: My Fake Problems" premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.  Watch a preview clip below.

Photo/Video credit: Comedy Central