DC Comics announces 'Superman/Wonder Woman' series for October

With all of the action in comics books, who is to say there can't be a little love as well? DC Comics has announced a brand new ongoing series that follows two of the most well-known superheroes in their library.

"Superman/Wonder Woman" comes after the two heroes got together in 2012. According to IGN, who revealed the new series, the comics will "serve to explore the budding relationship" between the two most powerful people in the DC universe.

Naturally, there will be some action as well, but the promotional art seems to paint a very romantic pictures of Superman and Wonder Woman. The series will be written by Charles Soule (known for "Swamp Thing") and drawn by Tony Daniel (who has worked on "Action Comics" and "Detective Comics").

Issue one will hit comic book stores everywhere in October. You can see the full promo page below:

Photo/Video credit: IGN