DC Comics' 'Teen Titans' #21: First look at variant cover and 4 pages

The Teen Titans, led by Red Robin, are heading into a pretty serious battle against the sons of Trigon. The interdimensional demon has his sights set on his daughter, Titans member Raven.

The solicit text for the issue paints a bleak picture with an unfortunate outcome possible for Tim Drake (Red Robin). "Something is very wrong with Red Robin ... and he's about to prove it! Can the rest of the Titans stop this tragedy? Or is it already too late?"

The issue is written by Scott Lobdell, with art by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira. The two also did the issue's cover. Below you can see both the regular cover and the black and white variant, along with the first 4 pages of the issue. "Teen Titans" #21 will be in stores June 26.

Click here for larger version.


Photo/Video credit: DC