DC Comics' 'Teen Titans' #22 first look: 'At the mercy of Trigon'

The Teen Titans are in trouble and if they don't figure out a way to stop the demonic Trigon soon, the earth may be lost. The cover of the "Teen Titans" #22 finds the superhero team under the influence of the demon, or simple "at the mercy of Trigon."

The issue opens with Beast Boy breaking down the plot of the story so far: Trigon came, then left but didn't take his daughter back with him. Now he's returned to earth and has posessed all the super-powered Titans. That makes things a bit difficult for Red Robin, who has no powers to speak of and is now battling his friends.

"Teen Titans #22" is written by Scott Lobdell, with art by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira. Check out the first three pages below, along with a variant cover that will be available. The issue will be in stores July 24.


Photo/Video credit: DC