DC Comics' 'The Vampire Diaries' Ch. 24: First look at the cover and first pages

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dc-comics-tvd-chapter-24-cover.jpg Calling all fans of  "The Vampire Diaries": If one episode of The CW's hit show isn't enough for you this week, then DC Comics has you covered. Chapter 24 of "The Vampire Diaries" comic is available for download on Thursday (May 8), and Zap2it has your exclusive first look at the one-shot story now.

The issue is written by B. Clay Moore with art by Beni Lobel, and takes the action to Whitmore College. When Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline are about to leave a seemingly boring college party, one of the guests gets mysteriously attacked on the neck ... which is quite a familiar wound to these three Mystic Falls grads. The girls stay to investigate whether there's a vampire hiding in plain sight at the party, but will they all leave the night alive?

Fans can download the latest chapter on the DC Comics app or here on Thursday (May 8), but you can check out the cover and the first pages exclusively below:

dc-tvd-cover.jpg dc-tvd-page-1.jpg
Photo/Video credit: DC Comics