DC Comics' 'The Vampire Diaries' Chapter 28: First look at the cover and first pages

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Vampire_Diaries_28_SF_Cover.jpg Just because it's summer, that doesn't mean you can't get new episodes of "The Vampire Diaries." But instead of watching Elena, Damon, Stefan and the rest of the Mystic Falls crew on your TV, you can read about them in the latest issue of DC Comics "The Vampire Diaries" comic.

On Thursday (June 5), "The Vampire Diaries" Chapter 28 -- written by one of the show's writers, Beau DeMayo, with artwork by Beni Lobel and cover by Lawrence Reynolds -- is released, but Zap2it has your exclusive first look at the issue here. And here's some extra good news: It's totally Matt Donovan-centric.

In "New In Town," Matt's trying to live a normal life ... you know, one without fanged or furry villains, so he's dating new co-worker Jessica from the Mystic Grill. But when a series of grisly "animal attacks" are uncovered, Damon, Elena, and Caroline follow the new girl to see if there's more to her than what she appears to be.

Fans can check out the latest chapter of the DC Comics story here, but you can see the cover and the first pages exclusively below:

the-vampire-diaries-28-cover.jpg the-vampire-diaries-28-page-1.jpg

Photo/Video credit: DC Comics