DC Comics' 'Threshold' #7 first look with Green Lantern, Blue Beetle

In a first look at issue seven of "Threshold Presents: The Hunted," Green Lantern Jediah Caul certainly seems to be having a bad day. His power ring and lantern aren't working properly, a talking rabbit named K'rot is giving him lip and a giant slug is more concerned with endorsement deals than anything else.

As a bit of history, "The Hunted" is a bounty hunting game in the DC Universe. Caul is forced into the game after being captured, as is Blue Beetle. The series takes on a more humorous tone than one might expect from a superhero comic book, but the action is still there.

In issue seven a riot erupts due to a connection between Blue Beetle and the planet Apokolips. The issue is written by Keith Giffen, with art by Tom Raney and Phil Winslade. "Threshold Presents: The Hunted" #7 will go on sale July 10.

Check out Zap2it's exclusive preview of the cover and first five pages below:

Photo/Video credit: DC