'Deadliest Catch' wedding: Johnathan Hillstrand tweets pics of Jake Anderson and Jenna Patterson's nuptials

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As Zap2it reported to "Deadliest Catch" fans on Friday, May 11, F/V Northwestern deckhand Jake Anderson tied the knot with Jenna Patterson on Saturday, May 12, with his captain and mentor, Sig Hansen, officiating at the ceremony.

We're waiting on official wedding photos from Discovery, but in the meantime, Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand of the F/V Time Bandit -- Anderson's longtime friend -- tweeted out some photos from the big day via his @CaptJohnathan account.

They show Hillstrand (on left in photo below) with Sig's younger brother, deck boss Edgar Hansen (right), the happy newlyweds (above), and how Hillstrand "decorated" the car they drove away in ...


And, a little later, Time Bandit deckhand Mike Fourtner tweeted this pic from his @MikeFourtner account, showing Sig Hansen performing the ceremony ...

Lastly, even a little later on, here's a pic from Anderson's Twitterstream at @JakeVAnderson, showing the happy couple and one sweet ride ...

Congratulations, Jake and Jenna!
Photo/Video credit: Twitter/Johnathan Hillstrand/Mike Fourtner/Jake Anderson