Demi Lovato dyes hair red: What do you think?

demi-lovato-red-hair-twitpic.jpgOn Friday, Demi Lovato decided it was time for a change. "Changing my hair color today.... :)" she tweeted. "Red hurr she don't curr..."

And red it is! The pop star tweeted a photo of her new hairdo. Gone are the dark ombre locks she's been rocking for the past few months. Her new fun, feisty, and bright look is just the thing to kick the winter gloom in the butt.

It's an appropriate time for a reinvention for the formerly troubled singer. This week, Lovato marks the one-year mark since she left the Jonas Brothers concert tour and entered a rehab facility to treat her eating disorder, self-harm, and addiction issues.

"I feel like I'm a totally different person today, and I've grown up a lot, and I've overcome a lot, so I'm excited about where I am in my life today," she told MTV News. "I have days where I'm cranky, but I definitely want to be there for my fans and step outside and shake their hands and be there for them too, because I'm now a role model, and I want to be there for them."
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