Demi Moore: Too photoshopped in Helena Rubinstein ads?

demi-moore-helena-5.jpg Demi Moore is a gorgeous lady. She has always been pretty, she's aged well and she stays fit. So then why do the new Helena Rubinstein perfume ads featuring the actress look like they were almost computer-generated?

You can see in the above photo - that almost doesn't even look like Demi Moore. The next two below are almost as bad. Airbrushing is one thing, but changing someone's bone structure is quite another.

And it's not the first time Helena Rubinstein's ads have gotten a little heavy-handed with the editing tools. In 2009, Demi Moore launched their "Wanted" ad campaign (pictured, bottom) and that one also bears very little resemblance to the Demi we all know and love.

What gives, ad campaigns? Is Demi Moore not perfect enough on her own? Because if she's not, what hope is there for the rest of us.


Photo/Video credit: Helena Rubinstein