'Desperate Housewives': Brenda Strong says Nicollette Sheridan's allegations 'don't add up'

desperate-housewives-brenda-strong-nicollette-sheridan-marc-cherry.jpg Brenda Strong, who plays Mary Alice, the narrative chorus of " Desperate Housewives," has added her voice to the real world drama of Nicollette Sheridan's $20 million lawsuit against the show's creator Marc Cherry.

In fact, she seems to feel it's more like a dramedy.

"It was funny," Strong tells Zap2it's Korbi TV. "My assistant said, 'have they seen Marc Cherry? Are they crazy?' She goes, 'he's really like a puppy dog! [laughs] It's such a big leap!' Anyway, it's pretty funny."

Strong has great things to say about Cherry's dedication to the show and credits its success over its six seasons to his hands-on approach. So, when Korbi TV asked her about Sheridan's lawsuit, she wasn't shy about her doubts regarding her former costar's claims.

"I just don't believe that for a second," says Strong. "It doesn't make sense. Two and two don't add up."