'Desperate Housewives': Nicollette Sheridan's trial goes to jury

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nicollette-sheridan-trial-gi.jpgA jury is set to decide whether or not Nicollette Sheridan will receive the $6 million dollars she's asking for in a wrongful termination suit brought against ABC and "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry.

According to E! Online, both sides wrapped up their cases on Wednesday (March 14).

In a trial that's been something of a spectacle for the past week, Sheridan was described by Cherry as a terror on the set who once called co-star Teri Hatcher the "meanest woman in the world" and a major spoiler -- the death of James Denton's character -- was even leaked.

Sheridan's allegation that Cherry assaulted her was dismissed by the judge, so he's essentially off the hook. It's now up to the jury to decide if Sheridan was wrongfully terminated.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images