'Desperate Housewives' series finale pics: One last poker game and some courtroom surprises

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teri-hatcher-marcia-cross-eva-longoria-felicity-huffman-desperate-housewives-finale.jpg "Desperate Housewives" ends its eight-year run Sunday (May 13), and ABC has put up a host of pictures from the two-hour series finale -- several of which have us more than a little curious.

The one up top, though? That just makes us happy. The show really couldn't end without the four central characters -- Susan ( Teri Hatcher), Bree ( Marcia Cross), Lynette ( Felicity Huffman) and Gaby ( Eva Longoria) -- gathering around the poker table once more. The card game has been a fixture on the show from the beginning, and we're glad to see it present in the finale.

The finale will also wrap up Bree's trial on a trumped-up murder charge, which means more interaction between her and Trip ( Scott Bakula). As you can see below, Bree's friends are there to support her, and Renee ( Vanessa Williams) shows up too -- though from the looks on the others' faces, her appearance is a little bit unexpected.

desperate-housewives-finale-bree-trip.jpg desperate-housewives-finale-susan-lynette-gaby.jpg desperate-housewives-finale-renee.jpgBree and Trip's relationship has grown into something more than client and attorney over the past couple episodes, and it looks like it's really going somewhere in the finale. It's hard to imagine the usually frosty Bree holding hands with a guy in public, yet here we are:

desperate-housewives-finale-holding-hands.jpgYou can see many more images from the finale in this gallery, but be warned: Though we don't know the context for many of the photos, you could possibly infer some spoiler-ish information from them.

The "Desperate Housewives" finale airs at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on ABC.
Photo/Video credit: ABC