'Desperate Housewives': The final season starts with more secrets

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The soil over Gaby's evil stepfather's grave is apparently still loose when the final season of "Desperate Housewives" kicks off, Sept. 25, on ABC. In fact, he hasn't even been buried yet.

The Season 9 premiere, "Secrets That I Never Want to Know," picks up right where we last left the ladies of Wisteria Lane, entertaining their friends and neighbors while the recently murdered villain sits in a nearby trunk.

Now its up to Susan ( Teri Hatcher), Bree ( Marcia Cross), Gaby ( Eva Longoria) and Lynette ( Felicity Huffman) to help Carlos ( Ricardo Antonio Chavira) dispose of the body, and by the looks of these first pictures from ABC, the task leads to another grim pact between the friends.

As Zap2it previously reported, the murder affects the women in different ways. Susan is particularly guilt-ridden and starts distancing herself from her friends, Bree has to navigate her new relationship with a detective while covering up the murder and Lynette gets preoccupied with her separation from Tom ( Doug Savant).

Yikes. Is there still room for humor in our dependably hilarious soap? By the looks of  Renee's ( Vanessa Williams) gypsy outfit in the below pics, we think so...



Photo/Video credit: ABC