'Details' picks Hollywood's next leading men, 'Vanity Fair'-style

Dave-Franco.jpgVanity Fair's annual "young Hollywood" March issue unveiled their nine (thin,  white) picks for 2010's up-and-coming actresses (and stirred up quite a bit of controversy)

Details went with seven next-big-thing actors for their March mag (including "Scrubs" med student and James' little bro, Dave Franco, pictured left)...and The Dish Rag can't help but notice they went with VF's snow white theme. What's the rule...three times a trend? Hmmm.

"Weeds" and "It's Complicated" star Hunter Parrish, "The Departed's" James Badge Dale and "Knowing's" Liam Hemsworth (who co-stars with real-life girlfriend Miley Cyrus in the upcoming Nicholas Sparks drama, "The Last Song") also make the cut.