'Detroit 1-8-7': ABC's cop procedural with a docu-style twist

detroit-187-abc-320.jpg "Detroit 1-8-7" is a new turn on an old genre.

Disclaimer: These posts are not reviews -- shows often make tweaks to their pilot episodes between filming in the spring and their fall debuts. Full reviews will come closer to the premiere date.

What it is: ABC is revamping the procedural. "Detroit 1-8-7" is a documentary-style look at the homicide division of the Detroit Police Department.
Who's making it: David Zabel ("ER," "Dark Angel"), newcomer Jason Richman, Kevin Hooks ("Prison Break," "Lincoln Heights"), David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, who both worked on "The Proposal."

What to look for: Michael Imperioli ("The Sopranos," "Life on Mars") steals every scene he's in as the hardened 10-year veteran Detective Fitch. Relative newcomer Shaun Majumder as son-of-immigrants Det. Vikram Mahajan and Aisha Hinds ("Hawthorne," "True Blood") as the lieutenant in charge of the division also caught our eye.

What pops: In light of the recent economic downturn and rising crime rates, Detroit makes a dynamic backdrop for a police procedural. This show could be the next gritty cop drama.

What doesn't: Unfortunately the docu-style talking to the camera and the "Miami Vice" graphics announcing every scene take you out of the gritty reality. Those elements are in juxtaposition to the subject matter and it doesn't work very well.

Reminiscent of: Every other cop show, if you threw "The Office"-style format in the mix.

"Detroit 1-8-7" will air Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on ABC starting Sept. 21.

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Photo credit: ABC