Devon James, Tiger Woods' mistress No. 15 -- Does anybody even care anymore?

devon-james-flag-300.jpgA new Tiger Woods mistress has emerged. Her name is Devon James and she was hired through an escort service by Tiger for "a two-girl party," according to RadarOnline.

Apparently there was "very little talk" involved, Tiger liked to be the "dominant partner in bed" and he confessed in his second rendezvous with Devon that wife Elin "didn't want to have a sex a lot."

Can we just say, "Uh, duh?" and also: YAWN.

An escort comes out of the woodwork to say she had a threesome with Tiger Woods? Guess it must be Wednesday.

To shock us at this point, Tiger Woods' newest scandal either needs to be sex with a gaggle of little people who ride around in a clown car or a dude. Anything else is like, "What else is new?"