'Dexter' gives new life to Julie Benz

julie-benz-getty-320.jpgRita's death on "Dexter" was one of the more shocking events of the past TV season. Nearly as surprising is the news that she'll make a return appearance next season.

Showtime confirms to Zap2it that Julie Benz, who played Dexter's ( Michael C. Hall) wife, Rita Bennett, before being murdered by the Trinity Killer late last season, will guest in the show's fifth-season premiere in the fall. As for how that happens, the cable channel isn't saying. At least not really.

"As Dexter grapples with the reality of the death of his wife and the realization that he is now a single father, the presence of Rita Bennett will help him deal with his newfound feelings of loss and grief -- emotions that Dexter Morgan has never really felt before," Showtime says in a statement.

The show's executive producers have also teased that Rita's "presence" won't be the same as that of Dexter's dad ( James Remar), but beyond that they won't say. So that leaves ... what? Flashback, dream sequence, crossover with Lee Pace's "Pushing Daisies" character?

However Rita does appear to Dexter, Benz's return to the show will just be for the one episode. She stars in ABC's new drama "No Ordinary Family" in the fall.

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Photo credit: Getty Images