Why did 'American Idol' Season 13 finalist Dexter Roberts leave Top 10 tour?

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american-idol-tour-dexter-roberts.jpgThe 2014 "American Idol" tour has been down one Top 10 finalist since early July, and now singer Dexter Roberts has revealed why he left the annual cross-country jaunt: He's contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever.

An announcement last month mentioned that Roberts was "released from his contractual obligations," but didn't reveal the cause for his departure.

On July 31, Roberts wrote on his Facebook page that he contracted the disease from a tick bite during a four-day turkey hunting trip after the "Idol" finale in May. After starting the tour, he noticed symptoms including chest pains, muscle weakness, severe headaches and shortness of breath.

The tour doctors couldn't diagnose the disease, so Roberts returned home and was ultimately diagnosed after an ER doctor discovered a rash from the tick bite.

"I started medication yesterday," Roberts writes, and asks fans to "please continue to pray for my full recovery."

Photo/Video credit: FOX