'Dexter' Season 8 official trailer: Dr. Evelyn Vogel arrives, Deb spirals out of control

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Showtime has released the official trailer for "Dexter's" final season, which starts airing in just over a month. Check it out.

Debra's downward spiral in the wake of killing LaGuerta is obviously one of the main storylines in the early part of the season. She is coping in typical Deb fashion -- by popping pills, sleeping with guys and snorting what appears to be cocaine. No big shock there. The real shock will be if Deb can recover at all.

As far as the season-long antagonist goes, Dr. Evelyn Vogel ( Charlotte Rampling), a neuro-psychiatrist, is on hand as an expert on what makes psychopaths tick. Naturally, she makes Dexter a bit nervous.

We can't wait. "Dexter" premieres Sunday, June 30 on Showtime.
Photo/Video credit: Showtime