'Dexter' Season 8 trailer: Are his deeds 'monstrous' or a 'masterpiece'?

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In this new teaser trailer for "Dexter's" final season, star Michael C. Hall gazes at Dexter's wall of paintings -- mentors, victims, loved ones. And he wonders:

"How do you want to be remembered? We all leave behind a legacy. A monument to make our mark. But I've never stopped to consider what it is I've created. Will they call it 'monstrous'? Or a 'masterpiece?'"

Below, watch the cast reflect on Deb's ( Jennifer Carpenter) transformation from cop to killer --

"We have slowly, over the years, seen Debra emerge as a really good cop ... her one Achilles heel is she loves Dexter Morgan and that comes with a price," says executive producer Sara Colleton. "Debra has never been able to connect with any man, except her brother."

"This season is about what Dexter's going to leave behind. A lot of that is wrapped up in his relationship with his sister because there is a direct connection between how Deb feels about him and his overall legacy," adds Hall.

"Dexter" Season 8 premieres Sunday, June 30 on Showtime.

Photo/Video credit: Showtime