'Dexter' series finale: 'It was a bittersweet going-away party,' says star Michael C. Hall

dexter-paley-center-panel.jpgThe "Dexter" cast and executive producers sat down for a Paley Center panel Thursday night (Sept. 12) to talk about the show's history and tease just a little bit of what's coming in the series finale on Sept. 22.

Star Michael C. Hall says filming the series finale was very satisfying.

"I was excited and I was gratified that at the end of eight years, I felt that we were still making something, you know?" says Hall. "96 episodes in, I felt like we were all called upon to really invest ourselves and bring it home. It was exciting to read the script and, I don't know, there were so many lasts. Different people on different days had their final scene. It was a bittersweet going-away party, perpetual going-away party.

"When we shot the final-final scene, it was -- you know the feeling when you read a really great book and the last page and something's hovering in the air -- it was like that times a hundred. Just a collective magical, sad, a lot of things at once."

Co-star Jennifer Carpenter adds, of the final episode, "The only reason I'm OK walking away is because it felt appropriate and right."

Are you excited about the "Dexter" series finale? Where do you think it's going?
Photo/Video credit: Paley Center